Welcome to the Spa World of the Diana Dea Lodge

Situated close to the pool side of the Lodge, our Spa team welcomes you for an exceptional moment of relaxation. Discover its refined, elegant and cosy ambiance closed to nature. It is at all evidence that the Spa team proposes you high quality care, matching the quality of its Spa products. The brand Gemology imposes itself naturally, unifying quality for offering our guests a unique experience, the products are available in semi precious stones and minerals.

Quality chart

All our utensils are desinfected, the towels are changed after each care. The Gemology brand uses natural, ECOCERT certified ingredients, does not use glycol, éthanol nor paraben for the elaboration of its products and are not tested on animals

Access to the Hammam

The access to the hammam is free of charge for our hotel guest but you need to book ahead of time upon the Reception. The Hammam is contraindicated for minors, pregnant women and persons with cardiac and circulatory disorders.

The Spa care

All cares need to be booked ahead of time upon the reception desk to guarantee availability. Please be ready 15 minutes ahead of your meeting time, dressed with your bathing suit and bathrobe which you will find in your room. Please leave your watch as well as jewelry in the safe of your room. Late arrival will be counted on your initially booked schedule. The duration starts once taken care by our Spa team. We remind you that cancellation and modification of your booked Spa treatment needs to be effectuated 24h in advance. It avoids you cancellation penalty.. (50% of the cost for a cancellation and 100% for today’s cancellation)

Pour prendre un rendez-vous, contactez nous au : +262 (0)262 20 02 02 ou par email : spa@diana-dea-lodge.re

Face Beauty Care, for Men and woman by Gemology

Cosmetics based on minerals of precious and semi precious stones, dedicated to the universe of Spa, you will be seduced by its efficiency and the exceptional texture of care ! A gentle and circular massage (face and neck) is completing a unique feeling of wellness and relaxation

  • The absolute diamond - 1h15 - 95€

    Live a spectacular experience : the indomitable quality of the Diamond known for its soothing and anti-ageing benefits. Together with the christmas flower and orchid, the eternal stone reveals its precious secrets of care. Your relaxed face lighten's up and the facial features are smoothed. Wrinkles and fine expression lines loose their depth and fade.The application of heated volcanic mudflows on your back will provide you the ultimate relaxation.

  • The precious cares - 1h00 - 80€

    The high potential of the mineral reveals and protects durably your skin radiance ! The Amethyste, Malachite and Smithsonite diffuse their own balance of power through the exceptional serum and mask which reduces the first sign of age

  • The Essentials of Gemology - 0h45 - 70€

    The Jade will soften the dry skin, the Rubis will regulate the mixed skin and the Saphyre moisturises and calms sensitive skin. The base for the face care to find comfort and wellness.

  • The Liss' look - 0h15 - 35€

    A serum concentrating on the pure essence of anti-ageing, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness action. Ideally to combine with your face care for a perfect result.

  • Relaxing face and head care - 0h30 - 45€

    The hot pink Quartz Rose will make you live a moment of profound relaxation, beneficiant for your whole body !

The Body Rituals, for both Men and woman by Gemology

  • Ritual Signature Diana Dea - 1h45 - 165€

    The shea butter and salt of Péridot absorbed by your skin for an exfoliation – precise and efficient massage. The face care "Essential Diamand" for smoothing your lines by its anti-ageing global action, while hot volcanic mudfllows relaxes your back muscles before the massage of hot pink quartz.

  • Ritual Volcanic Mineral - 1h30 - 135€

    The scrub with Citrine and mango releases your skin of toxins. The application of hot volcanic mudflows offloads internally accumulated tensions, while the massage of your neck will transport you into a true moment of wellness. Finally the massage of hot stones completes the Ritual with exceptional relaxation.

  • Ritual Mother-of-Pearl and Diamand - 1h15 - 115€

    The beauty secrets of the women from the Pacific ocean, the mother-of-pearl exfoliates gently and profoundly and brightens your skinand fights against pigment marks. A delicate veil of a moisturising veil sublimates the obtained result. We will propose you a face care discovery "mother-of-pearl & diamond", for a genuine healthy-glow effect !

  • Ritual "on the road to Ceylon" - 1h00 - 90€

    The power of green tea and cocoa beans a perfect harmony for a detoxifying wrap of your body, while the tensions of your cranial structures fade away thanks to the gentle massage. The hot sesame oil used for the ayurveda abhynga modelage of your back will surprise. It procures you appeasing comfort and calm. An indian stopover to discover !

  • Ritual "the mothers dream" - 1h00 - 85€

    A delicate body scrub with mango butter to soften your skin before you succumb to the discovery of the Gemology face care "express" or the relaxing massage as per your choices and to suit your desire of a future mother !

  • Ritual of "hot - cold sensations" - 0h45 - 70€

    A vertigo of sensations thanks to the application of two body wrap diametrically-opposed, but ideal to relieve all muscular tensions caused by sportive activities and / or circulatory problems. The hot volcanic mudflows releases the spine contractions, as the icecold peppermint and the horsetail takes off your legs the sensation of heavyness. A massage of your neck as well as a massage of your back with oil of Péridot, rich with magnesium, takes a remineralizing action and soothes your body and your spirit !

The Wellness Massage

Inspired by the world ancestral techniques, accompagnied by the ritual of hot soaked towels, the invitation to the voyage is offered to you to make your stay at the Diana Dea Lodge perfect and unforgettable !

  • Ayurveda Abhynga Massage - 1h30 - 120€

    Originally from India, the body care, practiced with hot sesame oil, makes you travel in order to rebalance the bodily functions. A special treatment especially indicated to stressed persons always in a hurry... and to all who have a hard time to just sit back and relax.

  • Signature Diana Dea Massage - 1h15 - 100€

    Hands and hot precious stones are united in this exceptional body and face massage. The soft and regular pace of this technique, combined with the scent of the warm oil of your choice, brings you sincere peace and harmony.

  • Massage with hot volcanic stones - 1h00 - 80€

    The chakras, which are centers that distribute vital energy. The heat of the stone will get for you a real envelopment sensation and intense well-being, making the energy flow freely in the body, evacuating stress and fatigue.

  • Massage with hot candle Elixir - 1h00 - 80€

    A massage candle designed for your pleasure ! Its subtle and refined scent enlightens your heart, its warm dropping elixir during the modelage at the ideal temperature brings calmness and well-being. A unique treatment and a dropping candle becomes Elixir of the massage .

  • Lomi-lomi Massage - 1h00 - 80€

    Originally from Hawaï where the Lomi-lomi is practiced since centuries. Lomi-lomi means "massage" in Hawaian. Its principal vocation is to reach a physical, spiritual and mental state relying heart, spirit and body.

  • Discovery Massage, duration as per your choice

    An invitation to discover physical and mental relaxation by lightly touch and modelling motions on one, two or three different body areas with the oil and the scent of your choice. An ideal technique for someone who likes to initiate himself to body massage. 30 minutes at 45€, 45 minutes at 60€, or 60 minutes at 75€

The Spa à la "Carte"

Looking for something in particular, a personalised treatment ? Compose a treatment "à la carte" chosing the thematical treatment yourself !

  • The Body scrub Gemology - 0h30 - 45€

    The softness of mango, the enlightness of mother-of-pearl or the shea butter- salt péridot, choose the body scrub that suits you best and allows you to "renovate" your skin.

  • The Well-being wraps Gemology - 0h30 - 45€

    The heat of the volcanic mudflows and its remineralizing action, the undisputed power of detoxifying of green tea and cocoa beans, the vertigo of sensations "hot-cold" makes you succumb to moments of rest and absolute relaxation, sublimed by a relaxing neck massage.

  • Beauty of your hands - 0h45 - 49€

    A manucure and modelage of your hands reveals the absolute perfection of its beauty care

  • Beauty of your feet - 0h45 - 59€

    A pedicure and a massage alleviate this part of the body and gives back its level of esthetics.

  • Applying polish OPI - 0h15 - 16€

    Ideally combined for the beauty of your hand or feet, choose your colour to underline your personality

  • Applying polish french – manucure - 0h25 - 25€

    A must in the natural and sophisticated finishing, it brings up the precise work of your beautician after the hand or feet treatment

The Duo Ceremony

The stay at the Diana Dea Lodge is the perfect occasion to share a moment of closeness, the Spa proposes you treatments for two, propitious and magic instant in most intimate atmosphere

  • Romantic ceremony - 1h15 - 190€

    The rose and the red garnet colour come softly and delicat together for a refined and precise treatment. The body scrub will reveal you a perfect skin and in the meantime the envelopment and the massage of your neck brings additional remineralizing heat and relaxation. A massage of your back with the candle elixir is the finishing touch for cocooning.

  • Ceremony "Just you and me" - 1h00 - 150€

    The orange touch of the Ylang Ylang and Vanilla plant blows a touch of tenderness and softness to this relaxing face, neck, hand and feet massage. As for colours and fragrances, these will take you on an invigorating and enticing sensory journey for a perfect harmony and relaxation.You will find serenity in this exceptional treatment.

  • Honeymooner's ceremony - 1h30 - 105€

    Privatise our Jacuzzi for sharing a moment of tenderness.On the terrasse, with view to the Indian ocean, you taste one of our proposed selection of refined tea. During this time, each one of you (one after another) will receive a detoxifying and harmonizing body scrub, to find yourself again in the intimacy of the exterior Jaccuzzi. A treatment of evasion, relaxation and pleasure.

  • Oriental ceremony in the Hammam - 0h30 - 20€

    During your well-being and relaxing session in the hammam at 42°C, you can use the two gloves kessa and black soap which are at your disposition to detoxify your skin and to realize the moroccan body scrub. Two different body lotions Gemology will satiny your skin's surface for a final result and soft touch.

Votre livraison est offerte pour un minimum de 100€ d'achat.

Profitez-en et contactez nous au 02 62 200 202 ou par mail au spa@diana-dea-lodge.re

Les nettoyants visage

Bijou Nacré

Démaquillant visage

27,00 €

Quartz Rose

Lotion tonique

27,00 €

Pluie de cristal

Démaquillant yeux

27,00 €

Mousse de Roche

Nettoyant moussant

31,00 €

Perle de Tendresse

Gommage visage

35,00 €

Les masques visage

Masque minéral peaux mixtes

63,00 €

Masque minéral peaux sèches

63,00 €

Masque minéral peaux sensibles

63,00 €

Masque au Diamant

69,00 €

Les sérums visage

Concentré Péridot

Sérum anti-stress, anti-âge

52,00 €

Concentré Malachite

Sérum éclat

52,00 €

Concentré Smithsonite

Sérum réparateur

52,00 €

Source d'Hématite

Sérum anti -rides

199,00 €

Les crèmes visages

Crème au Rubis

Crème peaux mixtes

94,00 €

Crème au Jade

Crème peaux sèches

94,00 €

Crème au Saphir

Crème peaux sensibles

94,00 €

Crème au Diamant

Crème anti-âge

169,00 €

Contour des yeux au Diamant

Anti cernes, anti poches, anti-age

62,00 €

Crème à la Perle de Nacre

Crème éclaircissante

73,00 €

Les gommages corporels

Eclat de Mangue

Gommage corporel

56,00 €

Perle de Gommage

Gommage éclaircissant

52,00 €

Les onguents corporels

Parure de Soi

Lait corporel

61,00 €

La Précieuse

Huile sèche corporelle


Les bougies d'ambiance

Bougie Belle de Jour

Thé vert, fleur d'oranger

36,00 €

Bougie Belle de Nuit

Figue et datte

36,00 €

Les autres gammes

Trousse Léonor Grey

Soin capillaire de luxe

32,00 €

Kit hammam pour 1 personne

Savon noir, kessa, mini-lait corps

10,00 €

Kit de voyage cosmétiques Gémology

Miniatures Gémology

24,00 €

Votre peau est précieuse, offrez lui le soin qu’elle mérite.

Éclat, hydratation, fermeté, luminosité, fraîcheur. Pour chaque préoccupation, Gemology a formulé le soin dont votre peau a besoin, celui qu’elle attend.

Une famille de soins aux spécificités uniques ayant comme dénominateur commun :
la puissance de précieux minéraux ; des actifs sélectionnés rigoureusement ; des formules testées scientifiquement ; des résultats mesurés ; une efficacité prouvée ; des formules sans paraben, sans propylène glycol et sans alcool (éthanol) ; des textures « plaisir ».